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Daemon D. Jones, N.D.

Daemon D. Jones, N.D.


Daemon Jones, ND “Dr. Dae” is a naturopathic physician and author of Daelicious! Recipes for Vibrant Living (Healthydaes, 2007).  Dr. Dae is passionate about helping everyone live there most vibrant, healthy and energetic life.  She combines her nutritional expertise with her knowledge of medicine and natural therapies to create safe and effective treatment plans that bring her patients back to vibrant health.  Dr. Dae has expanded her practice by offering phone consultation to patients in areas outside of the Washington DC and Richmond areas.  She has also created web based classes and seminars in health, nutrition and wellness to people all over the world.  For more information about upcoming classes visit Dr. Dae on the web www.healthydaes.com.

Dr. Dae is an emerging voice in community health and nutrition education. Dr. Dae was the Director of Community Nutrition and participated as a faculty member of Food As Medicine, an annual professional nutritional training program of the Center for Mind-Body Medicine. She teaches nutrition at Smith Farm Center for Healing and the Arts.  For over a year Dr. Dae has been writing about how to solve health problems using a combination of conventional and natural methods you can read her biweekly blog about women’s health topics at http://www.empowher.com/users/dr-daemon-jones.

Dr. Dae is a local, national, and international speaker, author and naturopathic physician who focuses on health education and prevention of disease, nutrition, and behavioral change. She is a sought after speaker who gives popular nutrition talks and cooking demonstrations, inspiring her audiences to adopt a colorful, healthy whole foods lifestyle. She also appears on local radio and TV programs talking about topics ranging from diabetes to menopause.  She conducts virtual webinars and has a bi-weekly blog with empowher.com, a patient advocacy site for women. Need a dynamic and knowledgeable expert to discuss healthy eating? Book Dr. Daemon Jones for a radio, television and print interview or a live cooking demonstration today!  Contact her directly at drdae@healthydaes.com or make a request at her website www.healthydaes.com.

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Millions of Americans vow every year to improve their health by changing their diets. But with all of the choices and conflicting information out there, how does anyone know which foods are the right ones to support his or her healthy lifestyle needs? Dr. Daemon Jones takes the guesswork out of eating right with her practical new guide for using food as medicine, Daelicious! Recipes for Vibrant Living (Healthydaes, $20.00).

Think you can't afford to adopt a whole foods eating plan to live your most vibrant life? Let Dr. Daemon Jones' DAELICIOUS explain why you can't afford not to!

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