Constance Brown-Riggs

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Constance Brown-Riggs, MSEd, RD, CDE, CDN

Constance Brown-Riggs, MSEd, RD, CDE, CDN


Constance Brown-Riggs is the owner and president of CBR Nutrition Enterprises, a nutrition consulting and counseling service. She is a certified diabetes educator with more than twenty-five years experience in the field of nutrition. She is the author ofEating Soulfully and Healthfully with Diabetes (iUniverse, 2006), a guide that helps African-Americans with diabetes learn how to prepare and enjoy traditional ethnic fare from the American South and the CaribbeanHer new work The African American Guide To Living Well With Diabetes (New Page Books, July 2010) takes a body/mind/spirit approach to daily diabetes self-care. She was also the nutrition consultant for health-related books including The Essence Total Makeover (Three Rivers Press 2001) and Lighten Up: Healthquest's Complete 30-Day African-American Weight Loss Program (Amistad Press 2001) and contributed to Food, Cuisine, and Cultural Competency for Culinary, Hospitality, and Nutrition Professionals (Jones and Bartlett, April 2010).

She has written for publications including POZ and IMARA Woman magazines and contributed to newsletters for the American Dietetic Association. She is also frequently quoted as a featured expert in national magazines such asEssence, Heart and Soul, Real Health, Diabetic Cooking, HealthQuest and in newspapers across the country.  She also serves as an expert for, the online companion to CNBC’s premier diabetes program.

Constance is also a sought after speaker for organizations such as the American Dietetic Association, Empire State Medical Association, American Academy of Physical Therapy, University of South Carolina, Dothan Alabama Leisure Services, North Carolina Dietetic Association, St. Louis Association of Diabetes Educators and New York State Office of Children & Family Services. She is also a speaker for PESI Healthcare providing continuing education seminars across the country.

Her professional honors include 2009 Distinguished Dietitian from the New York State Dietetic Association, 2007 Diabetes Educator of the Year from the American Dietetic Association Diabetes Care and Education Practice Group and 2004 Dietitian of the year from the Long Island Dietetic Association. She is a past president of the New York State Dietetic Association and currently a national media spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association. She graduated from Queens College with honors for excellence in research, where she earned a master’s degree in nutrition education.


Constance writes a blog Diabetes: Don’t Claim It! Manage It! and can be found on twitter at