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As busy Registered Dietitians, nutritionists, physicians and professional chefs, we know how time consuming and challenging it can be to keep your clients eating a healthy, balanced diet for their health conditions and food allergies, especially if they have families. We developed the MyFoodMyHealth customizable meal planning tool with you and your clients in mind.


Founder Caroline Nation and Dietitian Kathie Swift Explain MyFoodMyHealth




1. Simplified Dynamic Meal Planning

Use the online meal planning tools from MyFoodMyHealth to quickly and easily make customized meal plans for your clients and their families, or let them generate meal plans themselves with your guidance on how to create balanced meal plans to fit their specific health needs. It's a fast, easy and practical way to help you support and guide your clients toward making better food choices to manage their health.



  • Online customized profiles for individuals and families
  • Support for 25 health conditions
  • Support virtually any food allergy
  • Customizable to omit food dislikes or allergies
  • Can be used for an elimination or rotation diet
  • Swap meals, add, remove or print menu items/recipes with a click of the mouse
  • Add, remove or swap recipes to meet calorie and nutrition needs
  • Printable shopping list for a day, days or the week
  • Online shopping resources
  • Manage and control everything from a central profile
  • Create customized meal plans in a snap
  • Offer clients practical tools they can use daily to improve their health
  • Update meal plans to adapt to changing health concerns, schedules and changing lifestyles
  • Provide deeper level of customization by adding, removing and swapping recipes
  • Save favorite foods so you can easily repeat them in menus
  • Easy grocery shopping with convenient shopping lists and online shopping resources
  • Expand your clients' food options beyond what's locally available with easy online resources

2. Satisfying Recipes

We all know the better the food tastes and the more inclusive mealtime is, the more likely your clients are to comply with your dietary recommendations. MyFoodMyHealth makes it easier to help your clients make healthy food choices with delicious recipes their families can share together. The food is so good, no one will believe they're following a healthy diet.



  • Hundreds of culturally diverse recipes created by professional chefs and nutritionists
  • Based on whole, natural, seasonal and sustainable ingredients
  • Complete vegetarian meal plan option
  • Gluten and casein free meal planners
  • Easy to follow recipes even for inexperienced cooks
  • Prep time in 30 minutes or less
  • Kid-friendly recipes and flavor profiles
  • Favorites
  • Herbs, spices and food recommendations for specific conditions
  • Improve compliance
  • Take the guesswork out of cooking for multiple health conditions & food allergies
  • Enjoy a variety of delicious flavors from around the globe, there's no boredom
  • Eliminate isolation from special diets, prepare only one delicious meal to take care of everyone
  • Save time with easy and quick recipes for those on the go
  • Eat local fresh and seasonal use. With the search features use what's in your refrigerator or fresh at farmers market.

3. Science-based Nutrition

Be confident that meal plans meet your unique clients, dietary requirements and lifestyle. MyFoodMyHealth is based on scientific evidence and developed using the extensive practical experience of our MyFoodMyHealth physicians, RDs, nutritionists and chefs. It brings together practical resources you can use to counsel your clients to make positive dietary choices for their health.



  • Unique meal planning algorithm
  • A science-based, balanced approach emphasizing natural and whole foods
  • Developed and tested by RDs, nutritionists and physicians
  • Nutrition information for each recipe
  • Change profile set up for use as a rotation/exclusion diet
  • Customizable - add and remove menu items to help clients create a balanced meal plan
  • Continually expanding database of food ingredients
  • Online reference library filled with videos articles and other tools
  • Leverage the latest food and nutrition science
  • Web-based so it's continually refreshed to keep you informed
  • Learn from our expert team of nutritionists, physicians and chefs
  • Get support from our team for consultation and further customization
  • Submit unlisted allergies/foods

4. Smart Practice

Expand services for your existing clients or increase your client base without lots of added time, costs or resources. MyFoodMyHealth provides efficient meal planning tools, managed and directed affiliate program options enabling you to better support your clients and grow your practice. 



  • Subscription discounts
  • 2-level affiliate program
  • No expensive software to install or buy
  • No technical expertise required, all you need is Internet access to use
  • Continually updated and expanded recipe database and online resource library
  • Free up your time from tedious meal planning chores to focus on high-value client relationships
  • Add meal planning services with minimal time, expense or technical expertise
  • Create a supportive and flexible meal planning system for your clients based on their needs
  • Manage, monitor and maintain menus for the length of your client relationship
  • Access valuable information on food, health, nutrition and cooking to share with your clients
  • See more clients in the same amount of time
  • Build new revenue opportunities


Note to Nutritionists:

MyFoodMyHealth is a customizable meal planning tool offering recipe suggestions for health conditions and food allergies. It is not a meant as medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Because individual nutrition needs and calorie requirements may vary, recipes may need to be added, removed or swapped to meet and individual’s specific calorie and nutrition requirements. We encourage nutritionists to work with their clients to develop balanced meal plans with the help of the MyFoodMyHealth meal planning tool.

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Affiliate Program Guide

MyFoodMyHealth also offers affiliate programs for healthcare professionals. Download our Affiliate Program Guide to learn more about our affiliate program.

Affiliate Program Guide 


How MyFoodMyHealth Can Help You


  • Our customized online meal planner uses the healing power of whole foods to help you control health conditions and food allergies. It takes into consideration the health conditions of everyone in your household, allowing you to serve wonderful meals that meet everyone's nutritional needs.

  • MyFoodMyHealth automatically generates a shopping list for you based on your conditions, making shopping easy.

  • Videos, cooking tips, recipes and an extensive glossary provide "the basics" you need to cook flavorful and nutritious meals.





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