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A+ Kids Lunch Recipe

As parents, we all know what a chore it can be to get our kids to eat a healthy, nutritious lunch--especially when they are away from home. That's where MyLunchbox can help. Developed by moms and experts on children's nutrition, MyLunchbox provides a wonderful sampling of healthy kids school lunch recipes that both busy, on-the-go parents and kids will love.

Simple, fun & healthy lunches for kids

From kid-friendly wraps to healthy sandwiches and more... All of our kids school lunch recipes are:

  • Kid tested and approved
  • Safe & delicious
  • Made with wholesome, natural ingredients
  • Balanced and nutritious

These recipes are so truly tasty, even your pickiest eaters will give them high marks and find it hard to believe they're eating healthy lunches for kids. In fact, they'll probably be the envy of their friends in the school cafeteria!

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