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Gas, pain, bloating. These are common symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and other digestive disorders. Many people with digestive disorders find that diet impacts their symptoms and are looking for food-based solutions to manage their conditions. That’s where the therapeutic eating plan The FODMAPs Diet emerged and why MyFoodMyHealth developed our FODMAPs Diet & Meal Plan. Learn more below about The FODMAPs Diet, as well as more about MyFoodMyHealth FODMAPs Diet & Meal Plan.

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What Is FODMAPs?

FODMAPs sounds like it might be the latest automobile GPS navigation system or weather radar detection unit. Instead, FODMAPS is a therapeutic eating plan that has been gaining ground as an effective protocol to help individuals who are suffering with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The quirky name FODMAPs stands for F= Fermentable, O=Oligo, D=Di, M=Monosaccharides, And PolyolS. These are a family of carbohydrates and short-chain sugars that are more easily fermented in the digestive tract and most likely to contribute to gas, bloating, pain and other frustrating gut symptoms.

Research Behind FODMAPs

Digestive detectives have known for many decades that some foods may be more problematic than others with IBS. But more recently, scientists from Australia and the US have been on the trail of tracking down FODMAPs as instigators of IBS. Preliminary research is also being conducted on the benefits of FODMAPs in Crohn’s disease.

Relieve IBS by Reducing High FODMAPs

Total elimination of FODMAPs may not be necessary or realistic, but lessening the FODMAPs load may spell IBS relief. Begin by experimenting with a lighter load of the highest FODMAPs foods if you suffer from IBS. Keep a food journal to figure out if this is indeed comfort food for your digestive tract!

High FODMAPs Foods

Fruit: Apple, apricot, blackberries, cherries, coconut, nectarine, mango, pear, peach, plum, prune and watermelon; dried fruits and fruit juices

Vegetables: Artichokes, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, beetroot, button mushrooms, cabbage, cauliflower, chicory, garlic, leeks, lettuce, okra, onions, radicchio, shallots and snow peas

Beans/Legumes: Chickpeas, lentils, kidney beans, soybeans and edamame (tofu is OK)

Grains: Wheat (whole wheat and refined wheat products), rye, triticale

Dairy: Milk (cow, goat, sheep) and milk products, yogurt, sour cream, ice cream, cheese (especially cottage and ricotta)

Nut & Seeds: Not yet specifically analyzed by researchers, but recent communication suggests peanuts are low in FODMAPs and it is OK to include 1 handful/day of nuts and seeds unless there is a known adverse reaction

Sweeteners: Agave nectar, honey, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and HFCS based products (condiments, snacks, sodas, etc.); polyols/sugar alcohols including mannitol, maltitol, sorbitol, xylitol, isomalt found in sugar-free products such as gums, mints, cough drops and other medicines

Alcohol: Sherry, port wine (Other alcoholic beverages are OK. However, total elimination is highly recommended during a therapeutic trial.)

Other: Food or supplements containing inulin and fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) such as coffee substitutes, energy bars, prebiotics, probiotics




The FODMAPs Diet & Meal Plan by Kathie Swift & MyFoodMyHealth


"The best collection of FODMAP recipes for US patients."

Marge Pestka
Registered Dietitian
Sparrow Health System

Kathy Swift

To demystify the FODMAPs eating plan and make it easy and delicious to follow, MyFoodMyHealth and our Chief Nutritionist Kathie Madonna Swift, have created The FODMAPs Diet & Meal Plan. It provides easy and helpful guidelines for following a FODMAPs eating plan, plus delicious recipes from MyFoodMyHealth chefs.

If you suffer from IBS or other digestive disorders, following a FODMAPs Diet may help alleviate your symptoms.


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