How MyFoodMyHealth Works

Step #1:

Choose a Plan - Starting at as Little As $7.50 a Month

For less than the price of a cookbook you can start eating healthier today. Simply select a three, six, or twelve month plan to fit your needs.



Step #2:

Create Your Personal or Family Profile - Health Conditions, Allergies & Food Dislikes

While you can just set up your own personal profile, our system provides comprehensive plans which address the needs of your entire family. Does your daughter have asthma? Does Dad have diabetes and has Mom just quit smoking? No worries. Unlike other systems, MyFoodMyHealth takes everyone into account, whether you're cooking for one, two, or the whole family. 

Do you have picky eaters or family members that suffer from food allergies? MyFoodMyHealth can handle those too. Simply include any food allergies or food dislikes in your personal profiles. These foods will be eliminated from your meal plans. 


Step #3:

Create Your Customizable Weekly Meal Plans

Based on your profile, our system will automatically start you off by pre-filling in each day's main course. You can then modify your week's plan as you wish - you can add recipes (such as sides, desserts, salads and soup, etc..) or replace dishes with different recipes that meet your profile. We strive to ensure you can create enticing and delicious meal plans - you'll comply with dietary restrictions and never feel deprived. It's that easy.

View & download our sample recipes.






Step #4:

Printable Shopping Lists and More...

Once you have a meal plan, MyFoodMyHealth automatically generates a shopping list with all the wholesome, delicious ingredients for your weeks' recipes. It makes grocery shopping simple and worry-free. MyFoodMyHealth also helps you maintain a fully stocked pantry filled with nutritious basics so you'll always be ready to dish up delectable meals that address your health challenges and those of your loved ones.