MyFoodMyHealth Newsletter Volume 3, Issue 8

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New on the Menu: 25 Delicious, New Breakfasts to Jump Start the Day


You've heard it time and time again. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for adults and children alike. Yet many of us rush out the door with little or no breakfast. The results? You have trouble concentrating, your energy levels drop suddenly, or you end up overeating later in the day. 

Get an Easy Breakfast Boost

To give you the boost you need to start your day, MyFoodMyHealth has just added 25 new fabulous, fast and easy breakfast recipes to the meal planner. Our chefs promise these recipes taste great, take little time to prepare -- and will give you a healthy balance of nutrients to power charge your day. You'll surely want to make breakfast a habit with recipes like: pumpkin pancakes, portobello mushrooms and tomatoes on toast, avocado omelet, prosciutto and melon, dark berry yogurt parfait, gluten-free banana nut muffins, banana buckwheat pancakes and more. Try a delicious sample. Download the Banana Nut Muffin Recipe

Welcome Kathie Swift, Registered Dietitian and Chief Nutrition Advisor


MyFoodMyHealth is pleased to introduce you to Kathie Swift, our chief dietitian and nutrition advisor. As a frequent contributor to MyFoodMyHealth, she will share her passion for the healing power of food with you. Kathie is recognized as one of the top clinical nutritionists in the country, known for her inspirational and visionary work in medical nutrition therapy. A sought after lecturer, teacher and consultant, Kathie is actively involved in furthering the integrative and functional medicine education. Kathie sits on a number of medical boards, including the Nutrition Advisory Board of the Institute for Functional Medicine, scientific advisory board for Free and Clear Mind Body Program and the editorial board for Integrative Medicine: A Clinician's Journal. Get to know Kathie. Read her biography
Check out Kathie's recent post in Ask the Experts 

Introducing Ask the Experts, Your Place for Expert Guidance

We'd like to welcome you to the newest addition to MyFoodMyHealth, Ask the Experts. In each edition Dr. Susan Lord and Registered Dietitian Kathie Swift provide expert insight on a wide range of health topics. They'll introduce you to concepts that will enhance your understanding about food, how the body works, why illness occurs and what the body needs to function optimally. Ask the Experts will also provide a forum for you to ask questions of our experts and includes health and nutrition news, events and topics of interest to keep you informed and inspired. 
Read the first edition on Whole Foods now 

MyFoodMyHealth Meal Plans for Autism

More and more research and anecdotal evidence shows that diet may have a positive impact on children with autism. In particular, a casein-free and gluten-free diet may help in managing this condition. MyFoodMyHealth now offers meal plans for autism along with the other conditions it supports. To use MyFoodMyHealth meal plans for autism, members simply update their child's profile to include autism as one of the conditions. As always, the menus are designed to be kid-friendly, delicious and provide the nutritional support needed to optimize your health. Read about food, nutrition and autism


Who's New in the Kitchen: Anna Sobaski of Breads From Anna® 

The latest contributor to MyFoodMyHealth is Anna Sobaski, creator and president of the deliciously gluten-free Breads From Anna®. Anna's passion is creating delicious healthy, gluten-free recipes and teaching people how to cook and enjoy an abundant and gluten-free lifestyle. When she's not baking up new bread mixes for Breads For Anna, she travels the country showing people how to cook and live gluten-free. Read Anna's biography now


Recommended Reading: The Unhealthy Truth by Robyn O'brien with Rachel Kranz

In this first-person and inspiring story, The Unhealthy Truth reveals the alarming relationship between the manipulation of our food and the increase in dangerous allergies in our children and cancers in our families-and offers a road map to healthy living. Find out more about Robyn and The Unhealthy Truth

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